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What’s Your Money Mindset?

What are your money beliefs? No matter what they are, they’re guiding your financial choices. And they’ve already shaped your financial habits. The more you know about your money mindset, the more you’ll know about yourself — and how your mindset affects your financial decisions and your overall financial health. How do you make decisions […]

Investing in Bear Markets

What should you do when a bear market hits? The truth is the answer is different for everyone. It depends on your situation, your risk tolerance, and more. There’s no quick and easy answer to that question. But here’s what I can tell you. You can take action to prepare yourself. And you may even […]

What Do I Do With My Old 401(k)?

Is There a Zombie Lurking in Your Past? You have 5 options when it comes to your “zombie” 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan that’s sitting dormant at an old employer. Your employer plan is typically your most valuable retirement asset, and how you handle it could have major financial implications now and in retirement. (If you’re […]

Homebound Bingo

Homebound Bingo We think there are a lot of opportunities uniquely available to us during this quarantine– that’s why we created Homebound Bingo. Our mission is to empower hard-working people to enjoy the moments that matter most. And we think this is a ripe moment to empower all of you to enjoy the #MomentsThatMatter during […]

How Long Should You Keep Your Statements?

A year? Seven years? It depends. You have probably heard that you should retain copies of your federal tax returns for 7 years. Is that true, or a just myth? How long should you keep those quarterly and annual statements you get about your investment accounts? And how long should you keep bank statements before […]

An Estate Planning Checklist

Things to check and double-check before you leave this world Estate planning is a task that people tend to put off, as any discussion of “the end” tends to be off-putting. However, those who leave this world without their financial affairs in good order risk leaving their heirs some significant problems along with their legacies. […]

Impact Investing (Socially Responsible Investing)

Allocating your assets with the goal of helping the world … and your portfolio “Do well by doing good.” You’ve probably heard that phrase. In the financial arena, it is often written or spoken in reference to impact investing – also known as socially responsible investing. A chance to be an activist. Maybe you don’t […]

Guidelines for Changing Your Name

Changing Your Name Steps 1-4 should be completed in order Step One: Obtain a Certified Marriage Certificate Step Two: Social Security Card: Go to any Social Security office with the following items: Application for a Social Security Card Marriage Certificate Maiden Name on Social Security Card Maiden Name Photo ID Step Three: License/Voter Registration/Car Registration: […]